“The extent to which Palestinians are subjected to injustice and denial of human rights is hard to believe.”

First of all, it certainly has been an experience. We all need to experience – I mean while fully immersed – what it is like to live under the same conditions as our Palestinian friends. The local volunteers have been amazing and brilliant.

During my stay here I lost my cellphone in a taxi. The local volunteers were amazing. They found the taxi driver – a very honest man. And he taught me a lesson: to be more optimistic- “Life is always good!”.

The Hebron visit was the most shocking and I got some sense of what occupation looks like and what it really means – an unconditional subjugation under an occupying army.

The wall in Bethlehem shocked me as well: in the former interstate border between East and West Germany the fence was 5 meters high. Here, it is 8 meters high. Still in Bethlehem, in the museum of the wall, I listened into the standard message of the military “intelligence” prior to bombing Palestinian houses. I could grasp a sense of why people may suffer from PTSD in Palestine.