Zajel International Workcamp

“Friendship and Social Impact in the Holy Land”

Zajel International Work camp is a response to the increasing number of youth who wish to acquire cross-cultural skills and gain experience for their personal and professional development. This desire is best met through direct exposure to new situations, life-styles, cultural values and real-life situations.

This “Experiment in International Living in Palestine” provides international youth with a unique opportunity to explore life in Palestine with new friends from around the Palestinian territories and from other countries.

Throughout the work camp’s fun but challenging three weeks, the participants will have the  opportunity to discuss and share their ideas about relevant issues across the world and Palestine, travel around important and significant parts of the country, visit historically significant sites and holy places, refugee camps and small villages, in order to create a positive and real impact in our community through a variety of volunteer activities related to social development, agriculture and environmental protection.

Living and working together, volunteers from around the world gain a better understanding of themselves, the world around them and the continuing Palestinian struggle for freedom.