“I have discovered that they have a very powerful weapon to fight against all these adversities, and that is education.”

My name is David, I’m originally from Barcelona (Catalonia) and I’ve been living in London for the past 5 years. I’ve been volunteering for 2 weeks in An-Najah University giving a workshop about social media and digital communications. I’m going to talk about the classes I taught, as well as my experiences in the different places we visited.

In the workshops I tried to teach students, firstly, how to use different social media platforms and, secondly, how to use video and image editing software for students to communicate ideas into the digital world we live in. I started by exploring how to create a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. In the following lessons, I shared with the students ways to edit videos with Adobe Premiere. We continued by creating small clips with some sample footage and we finished by merging Adobe Premiere with our previous work using Photoshop in order to create a more complex video.

Students became more engaged following the classes and they asked several questions regarding the lessons. Their digital knowledge differed considerably from one to another, as some had studied more literary degrees whilst others had studied more computer science related ones. Even the most technologically capable students were helping out their less experience classmates field.