“An amazing, exhausting and very deep experience.”

I really enjoyed my time at Zajel at An-Najah University. Beside the interesting workshops, I feel happy thinking back to the wonderful trips we took and to the amazing people I met there. For my throwback about my exchange in Nablus, Palestine, I would like to separate my reflections in the following three parts: University, people and the region itself.

First of all, we, the international volunteers, had a teaching function. We had the opportunity to hold lectures in our chosen fields. We gave workshops with topics such as public speaking in English, the Italian language and cultural or social media competencies. It was a pleasure to prepare and hold our workshops to such motivated and demanding students. Furthermore, we had a couple of lectures from local scholars. The topics mostly focused on the life and situation in Palestine. While having a great range of topics discussed here, I learned a lot about the local culture and situation.