“It was a precious experience to spend time with people enthusiastic about making something good for somebody.”

I have a lot of obstacles teaching in Japan. Except for well-motivated students who are double schooling, most of them can find no enthusiasm for what they are encountering every day. During the trip, I wanted to see how people in hard conditions try to learn at school.

First of all, I was enrolled in the icebreaking workshop. Preparing two hours of training each day was not an easy task but it was an ideal opportunity to try activities that I used at my school in Japan and learn how teachers from other countries teach. It was helpful that four internationals including me were in the same room. Because of that, we were able to discuss the materials before hand and take a look at them from many points of view. Students were so enthusiastic about learning English. In our workshop, we played some games and did activities to make students comfortable. It seemed they knew the necessity of practicing English.