About Video Conferences

The Video Conference project aims to permit lecturers and students from Palestine and the International community to discuss the important and controversial topics of the MiddleEast Conflict in an open interactive dialogue. This live and interactive opportunity would be enabled through video conference technology.

The goal is to reveal the Palestinian perspective and impart personal experiences from the Conflict.  This is a priceless opportunity for personal contact with people living directly in a troubled region at the centre of the international focus. It will allow the international participants to gain valuable insight into what the people directly involved in this conflict are thinking. 

Likewise, it will provide the Palestinian students with a chance to see how they are perceived by the outside world.   The open dialogue will reveal very valuable facts and information to both sides that the each needs to know in order to fully understand the other’s stance and viewpoints.  Through the Video Conference, students would like to discuss the different topics of the conflict.

The Zajel Youth Exchange Program originated from a dream to develop an exchange program that brings together youth of diverse regions and backgrounds from around the world in order to interact with and learn about each other and Palestinian Society.  Through the Zajel Program, everybody can express his/her own point of view, where they all can discuss and understand each other, and the Palestine question. 

Zajel aims to create a dynamic learning environment for cultural understanding, and to provide experience in sharing and partnership in order to achieve better understanding and respect between people. Overall, its goal is to build a wide network of young people willing to make a difference and truly act as democrat leaders for change in their societies.

 Program Goals

  • To raise awareness of the issues and problems facing the Middle East and enhance understanding of the Palestine Question.  This would be of particular benefit to broaden the understanding of students of
    Journalism, Political Science, Middle East Studies, History and International Relations.
  • To provide a clearer picture about what is happening in the occupied lands. we would like to get benefit of the technology of the Video Conference in order to shed light on Palestine Question.
  • To give first hand accounts of the occupation.  To reveal insight into the life and thoughts of the people living in Palestine.  It will also allow Palestinians to see how they are viewed from abroad.
  • To learn about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a perspective rarely brought into the mainstream Western discourse.  The hope is to initiate an open-minded discussion that includes the Palestinian perspective. 

The Video Conference duration is 90 minutes.  The exact timetable of the Video Conference and topics will have to be worked out mutually by both sides in the partnership.  The dialogue will allowing the participants to:

 Debate and discuss their opinions about the Conflict

          Express his/her opinion about the Middle East Conflict

          Reply to one another’s questions  

Note: We use the ISDN lines.  The Video Conference lines are :

  • 00972 9 2345801
  • 00972 9 2345802
  • 00972 9 2344803
  • 00972 9 2344804
  • 00972 9 2346605
  • 00972 9 2345806

  Or we can organize the Video Conference via IP.

 If you are interested to organize a video conference with our university students and faculty, Do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]